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Protection Scaffolding BRIO

Protective temporary roofing against adverse weather conditions, and for fall prevention.
Protective temporary roofing against adverse weather conditions, and for fall prevention.

Temporary BRIO protection scaffolds are steel structures designed to ensure the safety of both workers and pedestrians while construction is underway, for use in the construction of buildings and civil works. These structures are erected to protect workers from falls and inclement weather, allowing work to continue safely and effectively. They can also be used to protect pedestrians or traffic from the danger of falling debris and other objects.

Protection scaffolding, composed of BRIO ringlock scaffolding components, can be made into different configurations according to specific safety requirements, including temporary roofs, protective structures for flyovers, and slab edge protection.

Temporary roofs

Provides protection from the rain, snow and extreme temperatures while construction is underway, while protecting pedestrians from any falling material.

    • Protection for large spans
    • Multiple configurations can be formed according to need
    • Pre-assembled on the ground and hoisted by crane
    • Roofing covered with different materials such as heavy-duty canvas or sheet metal.
    • Can be combined with the MK system to increase load-bearing capacity and make a greater range of spatial configurations possible

Protective Structures for Flyovers

Used in the construction of overpasses, protecting workers while they work and allowing traffic to flow in complete safety underneath the protection scaffolding. The protective structure is composed of scaffolding towers, reinforcing latticework, and a roofing platform.

Slab edge protection

A scaffolding structure that covers the entire perimeter of the building under construction. It is an ideal solution when site safety requirements are demanding. As well as guaranteeing worker safety, it facilitates various tasks such as the placement of stop-end formwork and rebar,  pouring concrete, even installing scaffolding and exterior finishing. The protection scaffolding is built up along with the structure being constructed.

Roof edge protection

Protects against the inherent dangers of work on the roof edge with netting or a metal perimeter enclosure. ULMA edge protection is certified with the NF mark based on Standard EN 13374:2004, class C. 

Wall and façade stabilisation

A heavy-duty BRIO structure that supports the façade, preventing it from leaning or collapsing. Designed for the restoration and maintenance market, it is a strong, simple, and utterly safe system.

  • Can be combined with BRIO Façade Scaffolding and the MK system, providing greater adaptability and robustness. Allows for virtually any configuration.
  • Simple to assemble, with all safety components integrated. Shorter assembly times.
  • Guaranteed safety for workers and third parties.
  •  In addition to protection, convenient working areas provided.
  •  The profitability of the system is guaranteed for all applications.