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Hydro Projects & Wastewater Treatment Plants

These are technically very complex structures where diverse solutions are required: circular concrete structures, single-sided forming, climbing methods, scaffolding solutions etc.
We can provide the solution to any project, however complex.
Ask for advice on your next hydro project.

Racibórz Dolny Dam, Poland

The Racibórz Dolny Dam, designed to control flooding in the area, will have a total holding capacity of 170 million cubic metres, placing it at the forefront of such projects in Poland.

Water Treatment Plant, Prague, Czech Republic

The new water treatment plant in Prague is the biggest project in the Czech Republic currently underway, and when completed will be the largest facility of its kind in all of Central Europe.

New Lock on the Po River, Italy

The new lock will allow river navigation between Cremona and Piacenza, after a period in which decreased water flow has made travel impracticable.

Water Storage Plant Briman, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The strategic water storage project in Jeddah is the largest of its kind built in Saudi Arabia to date.

McCosker Water Treatment Tank, Australia

McCosker Contracting is responsible for the upgrading and and expansion of the Water Treatment Plant.

Mularroya Dam, La Almunia de Doña Godina, Zaragoza, Spain

The Mularroya dam is located inside the municipal boundaries of La Almunia de Doña Godina, Chodes and Rilla belonging to the province of Zaragoza.

Main Sewage Pumping Station, Jebel Ali, Dubai, UAE

The Jebel Ali Sewage Pumping Station in Dubai has an area of 300 m², with walls between 2.2 m and 7.3 m high and 25 cm thick slabs.

La Higuera Hydropower Plant, San Fernando, Chile

As an example of sustainability, this run-of-river hydroelectric plant will generate renewable energy through the constant flow of water from the Tinguiririca y Azufre rivers.

Lican Hydroelectric Plant, Commune of Rio Bueno, Chile

Located in the Commune of Rio Bueno, fourteenth region, the plant is powered by the Lican River.

Shipyard and Naval Base, Itaguai-RJ, Brazil

The base in Itaguai-RJ will become the largest and most advanced infrastructure of the Brazilian Navy.

Changuinola I Hydroelectric Project, Panama

This large project, located in the Panamanian province of Bocas del Toro, includes in its main phase the dam of the future reservoir in the Changuinola River.

Baixo Sabor Dam, Bragança, Portugal

Located in Torre de Moncorvo, in the Portuguese district Bragança, this big river was the only on the Iberian Peninsula remaining without dam.