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We are committed to offering the optimum and reliable solution for our clients

... have a reliable partner. Our more than 50 years of experience have shown us how important is to understand the reality of each market with its own particular construction methods and work practices.

The core of our business focus is based on the development of high performance competitive formwork and scaffolding systems in order to offer efficient and reliable services; because, besides the product, what really matters is to find the optimal solution for the project, meet different demands of the construction phase and fulfill deadlines .

Everyone in ULMA we strive to accomplish the goals defined in this framework. We believe experience and a job well done are the basis to build comfort and confidence with our clients.

Our Policy

People come first

When it comes to business success, it is all about people. People who search for personal and professional development, people who collaborate with customers from the very beginning; this is our focal point, team building and working in safety.

No fine print

We work in a transparent, honest and committed environment – with our customers and with one another. This leads to a faster problem solving, better teamwork, healthy working relationships, trust and ultimately, improved performance.


Customers are the reference point for our business activity. We work to keep a healthy customer relationship through good and bad times. This is the way to move forward in order to continue growing together.


From complexity to simplicity

Giving simple solutions to complex projects; this is our daily challenge. We are committed to keeping an open mind to be more flexible and help us adapt to customer needs. We use the creative problem solving method.

Innovation is a state of mind

We must admit it, innovation requires a lot of effort but we keep on moving. It is not about coming up with the latest product; it is about being able to provide better customer experience, focusing on the customer real needs and dealing with them efficiently.