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Construction Scaffolding BRIO

Working towers that allow access for operators and material at different points of the structure under construction. Multiple configurations are possible.
Working towers that allow access for operators and material at different points of the structure under construction. Multiple configurations are possible.

Temporary scaffolding system that provides multiple access points for both work crews and material, designed for use in the construction of a wide range buildings, industrial facilities, and civil works.

Employing BRIO ringlock scaffolding components, this working scaffold is fully certified, heavy-duty, stable, and extremely versatile, providing work areas that are both convenient and safe.

This temporary scaffold is ideal for performing any task at any point on the worksite: placing rebar, pouring concrete, stripping formwork, storing material, etc.

This scaffolding system is suitable for any spatial configuration, most notably:

Cantilever scaffolding

Cantilever structures overhanging the perimeter of a construction. Used when shoring from the ground or a firm slab is impossible. The BRIO system features elements that allow cantilever modules to be created easily. These modules satisfy the same safety requirements as other configurations.

Mobile scaffolding

Rolling scaffolds, such as the tower or the mobile carriage. Functional and easy to handle, these systems ensure that construction activities are carried out safely, thus reducing assembly time and cost considerably. The foundation of the BRIO structure features an adjustable wheel base, offering robust mobility with an integrated braking system.

Mobile carriages

Thanks to the versatility offered by BRIO ringlock scaffolding, rolling carriages are ideal for tunnel construction, greatly facilitating tasks such as rebar placement or surface finishing. They are extremely safe and simple to assemble. They can also be combined with the MK system to provide increased rigidity and robustness, thus obtaining greater levels of efficiency and performance.

Scaffolding towers

Safe and easy to assemble, towers can be configured in various dimensions to meet the access requirements for any given task. Enables the assembly of working platforms up to 12 m in height without additional stabilisation. The scaffolding towers can be mobile or fixed (e.g., can be lifted and moved by crane).

Circular scaffolding

The BRIO system allows the angle between two scaffolding towers to be adjusted to fit the contours of a curved structure. The gap opened between the towers is bridged with walkway platforms and safety guardrails, ensuring completely safe access to the working platform at all times.

Working platforms on wall and column formwork

Composed of BRIO ringlock scaffolding components, the SBU safety platform is ideal for installing bracing, pouring, and other such tasks. It is compatible with ULMA wall formwork and adapts easily to any geometry.

  • Scaffolding certified under European Standards, ensuring a high-quality product.
  • Rigid and robust. Enables safe work at any height.
  • Makes an infinite number of structures possible, with infinite applications
  • Increases profitability:
    • Quick and easy assembly, with few parts.
    • Extremely durable. Hot-dip galvanisation to protect against corrosion.
    • Reusable in various applications on the worksite.
  • Safety:
    • Features all necessary components to ensure safety and ease of use.
    • Safe access through platform trapdoors or externally attached stairs, according to scaffolding height.
    • Non-slip platforms with a cotter-pin fastening system  prevents accidental movement.
  • Simple transportation, storage, and maintenance