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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites


ULMA modular steel scaffolding systems are certified under European Standards EN 12810-1/2 and EN 12811-1/2/3. Their versatility and strength allow for the construction of complex structures at different heights, creating stable and secure working platforms, shoring systems, temporary accesses, and protection structures. They allow workers to easily access work areas and carry out their jobs in safety and comfort anywhere on the worksite. Likewise, it ensures safe pedestrian passage in public spaces.

Focusing on new construction projects as well as restoration and repair, ULMA develops multiple scaffolding solutions to fit the safety requirements, characteristics, and needs of each individual project: façade scaffolding, mobile and fixed tower scaffolds, carriages, cantilever scaffolding, stair towers, walkways, ramps, temporary roofing, shoring, and more.