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Chorus Life, Bergamo, Italy

The MBP protection system ensures safety in the construction site
The first Smart City project has been launched in Bergamo, regenerating 150,000 m² of one area in the city. ULMA, in addition to offering shoring and formwork solutions, has guaranteed safety throughout the entire process.


The Chorus Life project not only consists of a property and residential development, but also the creation of a smart network system that will deliver power to where it is really needed, reducing the environmental impact and minimising the ecological footprint of the homes (smart home) and the city (smart city).

ULMA solution

As well as supplying ORMA Panel Formwork and CLR Circular Column Formwork to construct the walls and columns, we designed an innovative perimeter safety system based on MK walers. This solution makes it possible to complete processes more quickly but, above all, to operate safely without any need for scaffolding, due to the presence of varying levels around the site. The MBP protection system has also ensured safety throughout the entire process. 

To support the structures, we supplied 70 high-capacity MK towers, which are height-adjustable, so they are especially flexible and can be adjusted to meet the needs of the project.

Some data of the ULMA solution

      • Walls and columns: from 4 to 8 m - ORMA and CLR formwork systems have been used.
      • Typical slab: 5.000 m² - The CC-4 slab formwork has been used for its execution, together with the MBP Mesh Edge Protection.
      • Shoring: from 3 to 6 m - ALUPROP props and MK shoring towers were the ideal solution for the shoring.