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Functional multi-storey buildings that generally have regular shape and repetitive geometries.
Short construction cycles can be achieved choosing the right formwork system and having good on-site support.
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Poeta Pedro Prado condominium, Santiago, Chile

The Poeta Pedro Prado condominium was built in a residential neighbourhood near the centre of the national capitol, Santiago.

Cardinal Tower, Cordoba, Argentina

With first-class services and amenities, this tower is located on the banks of the Suquía River, an area in great development near the centre of Córdoba.

360° Building, São Paulo, Brazil

Located in an exclusive historic district of São Paulo, this innovative building was designed in terms of maximum comfort.

Altos Porteños, Buenos Aires, Argentina

This is the second of three identical tower-type residential buildings located in Porteño-San Cristóbal.

Residential complex, Tolosa, Spain

The town of Tolosa, with nearly 20,000 inhabitants and located a few kilometres away from an important city, has experienced an increased demand of new homes.

Cidade Jardim Park, São Paulo, Brazil

Located in the most sought after neighborhood of São Paulo, this project consists of nine towers with different geometries for residential use, as well as a shopping center.

Bosques Zinantepec Residential Complex, Toluca, Mexico State

The Bosques de Zinantepec Residential Complex is located in the city of Toluca and is classified within the middle social interest residence sector.