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Sep 24, 2020
The ideal solution for fast and efficient stripping formwork in interior spaces.

Here comes the launch of the new STRIPPING CORNER MAX in the global market, an essential element for executing building cores and shafts.

The STRIPPING CORNER MAX simplifies wall formwork erection and stripping in elevator shafts or stairwells, hollow piers, or any other interior wall type. Only one person is needed to operate the entire system and it provides high efficiency at the job site, saving execution time since the formwork can be quickly repositioned without disassembling formwork panels connected.

It is compatible with ULMA’s vertical formwork systems such as ORMA, BATEK, and LGW. ULMA is a one-stop-shop that offers an integrated product portfolio, ideal when renting or purchasing products. In combination with the ULMA Climbing Solutions systems such as KSP, RKS, ATR, and ATR-SC; the STRIPPING CORNER MAX offers excellent efficiency for low-rise buildings and high-rise buildings.

The STRIPPING CORNER MAX provides three different options to set and strip the system, avoiding three of them collision with adjacent rebar:

  • Manual operation, requiring a single upward or downward movement of the head using the stripping lever.
  • By a crane with a single vertical movement to expand and retract the corner pulling on the stripping head holes.
  • Hydraulic operation via a hydraulic jack that is fixed on top of the central tube of the stripping corner.

Key Features:

  • Safely activated with one single movement
  • Intuit and fast handling
  • No need to dismantle panels for stripping
  • Easy to maintain
  • Available in three heights: 3.3 m – 2.7 m – 1.2 m
  • Maximum pressure to withstand is 80 kN/m2
  • Robust galvanised endplate and stripping mechanism
  • Quick lateral connection with panels using clamps
  • Stripping: Manual operation, by Crane and Hydraulic option
  • Lifting capacity: 2,000 kg (4.4 Kips)
  • Secure and easy vertical connection (stacking) to achieve different height combinations.

Watch the full video or download the catalog to learn more about the Stripping Corner Max.