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MK carriage for the construction of the Ollachea Tunnel in Puno

Oct 26, 2023
The Ollachea tunnel, located in Puno, Peru, is part of the 958-metre-long stretch 4 route of the Interoceánica Sur. This infrastructure will provide greater safety and avoid traffic through the city centre.

The actions focused on 3 areas of work:

MAIN TUNNEL: 774 m long, with a variable cross-section and a longitudinal slope of 3.4 %. For this section, 3 MK mine tunnel carriages have been designed for 8 m long and concreted tunnels, with variable width dimensions from 12.9 to 13.5 m and vault height from 8.4 to 10.15 m. As there was a change in the typical section, which was gradually widened by 60 cm, two of the carriages were adapted to each of the transitions. The concreting cycle was 4 days. The BRIO scaffolding as a carriage was used to carry out the finishing work, adapting to the different tunnel geometries.

WIDENING BAY: 105 m long, 2 sections and 4 transitions and a longitudinal slope of 3.4 %. The tunnel was executed in two stages: first, the 5.10 m high curved sidewall with maximum spans of 10 m in length and supported on SMK trusses, and second, the transition areas with MK towers and trusses and in the constant area, a 5 m long MK tunnel carriage.

EMERGENCY TUNNEL: 85 m long, typical section and a longitudinal slope of 6.5 %. In this case, two MK carriages 3 m long, 4.15 m wide and 5.15 m high were used. The carriages were moved every 3 days.

ULMA solution: