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Globally demonstrated experience and expertise in cut-and-cover and mine tunnel method construction.
We offer customized solutions based on our tunnel formwork systems.

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Manhattan South Structures, New York, NY

Installation and testing of a waterproofing system and construction of the cast in place concrete invert, in the GCT East and West Station Caverns.

Brisbane City Council’s Legacy Way tunnel, Australia

The 4.6 km long Brisbane City Council’s Legacy Way tunnel is going to connect the two busiest roads of the region.

Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal, Gladstone, Australia

This terminal is located at Golding Point and within the Port of Gladstone.

Blanka Tunnel, Prague, Czech Republic

Located in the Czech capital, the tunnel is part of 8 km of infrastructure to relocate traffic underground.

Rome Metro Line C, Italy

Line C, which connects the periphery with the city center, is going to be the longest public transport route of Italy and the first line of Rome's metro.

Bypass Tunnel EN-101 Ponte da Barca - Arcos de Valdevez, Portugal

This is a cut-and-cover tunnel (115 m) in the EN-101 Bypass Ponte da Barca - Arcos de Valdevez, in Portugal.

Villamuriel de Cerrato Tunnel, Valladolid, Spain

Within the high-speed European Atlantic Railway Axis, this 500 m long, 14.4 m wide and 9.9 m high cut-and-cover tunnel is part of the Baños triangle.

Cut-and-cover tunnel, extension of railway line, Terrassa, Spain

This cut-and-cover tunnel is part of a renovation project for Terrassa's public transport system.

False Tunnel in Catania-Siracusa Highway, Carlentini, Italy

The twin-tube cut and cover tunnel is part of the construction work for the highway between Catania and Siracusa.

Natural tunnel, Pesaro, Italy

The construction of this tunnel, especially because of its width, has resulted in a significant improvement of the traffic circulation in the Pesaro area.