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Skyscrapers & Towers

These buildings generally feature spectacular architectural designs.
Our main objective is to offer an appropriate climbing technology with an integrated safety solution.
All the above mentioned together with day-to-day support, we can achieve faster construction progress.

Hudson Yards, New York, USA

With a skyscraper of more than 270 m height and 47 floors, ULMA takes part in the largest urban project in New York City in the last two decades.

Nobel Tower Centre for Advanced Technologies, Poznan, Poland

The Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii or CZT is the Science and Innovation Park in Poznan where the Tower Nobel was built.

Prestige Trade Tower, Bangalore, India

Located in the financial heart of the city of Bangalore, this 115 m high building has 24 floors of 30,000 m² each and 2 basements, in addition to a heliport.

Four Seasons Building, Toronto/ Ontario, Canada

The Four Seasons is located in Toronto, the heart of Yorkville, an area of intense cultural activity.

Coast at Lakeshore East Building, Chicago, USA

The Coast at Lakeshore East is a residential building of 45 floors and 129.5 m height linked to the nautical nature of the surroundings.

Upsite Tower, Brussels, Belgium

Its 142 m and 42 floors make the Upsite Tower the tallest residential building in Belgium and the first skyscraper built in Brussels in the past 30 years.

Diagonal Zero Zero Tower, Barcelona, Spain

Located by the sea on the Diagonal avenue, this building houses, among others, the headquarters of Telefónica in Catalonia.

Royal Canadian Military Institute, Toronto, Canada

The RCMI Residences building, located in downtown Toronto, is a distinguished example of condominium living with exclusive interiors and services.

One Bryant Park, New York, USA

The 300 m height and its 200,000 m² make up a glass tower, headquarters of the Bank of America.

Donna Towers, Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE

The Donna Towers are two 170 m high twin towers, one for residential use and the other for business purposes, joined together by a 3-story podium.

S y V Tower, Madrid, Spain

The 236 m tall S y V Tower has 59 floors with 1,600 m² each, to which an additional 6 underground floors of 7,500 m² must be added.

Fira Towers, Barcelona, Spain

The two towers, designed by the well known architect Toyo Ito, are approximately 120 m high. Each has its own function: one is a hotel and the other is a 40,000 m² office building.