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Pachachaca Lime Plant, Junin, Peru

In the face of tight building schedules, adverse weather conditions, and all the difficulties that high altitude work entails, ULMA responded with careful planning and project management paired with high-quality products.


This project greatly increased the plant’s production capacity, so that today it supplies more than 950 tonnes of quicklime to the Toromocho mine daily.

The project was split into two phases: first, kiln pre-assembly, and second, the construction of supply tunnels, silos, and other structures, along with the completion of three kilns. Despite the inclement weather experienced at an altitude of 4,000 m the work was completed effectively and efficiently, and the customer was extremely satisfied with the final results.

ULMA Solution

The solution provided for the silos was the most noteworthy of the project. The circular structure, which includes vertical columns, required a formwork system that would adapt seamlessly to its shape. ENKOFORM VMK was chosen for its ability to adjust to any geometry required.

The ULMA team supervised the entire formwork assembly, thereby assuring satisfactory results.

The other systems used for silo construction were as follows: NEVI for the 1.75 m thick foundations, ENKOFORM VMK and BMK brackets for the circular walls, man-portable COMAIN formwork for the collar beam, and the BRIO system for shoring and scaffolding.

For the material recovery tunnel COMAIN and ALUPROP systems were used as formwork for the 4.10 m tall vertical walls and as shoring for the 0.75 m thick slabs. These systems were also used for the 3.60 m tall kiln walls.