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Hydro Projects & Wastewater Treatment Plants

These are technically very complex structures where diverse solutions are required: circular concrete structures, single-sided forming, climbing methods, scaffolding solutions etc.
We can provide the solution to any project, however complex.
Ask for advice on your next hydro project.

New Floodgate, Seville, Spain

The floodgate separates the water level downriver, which varies with the tides, the periods of rain and the ebb tide.

El Cajón Hydroelectric Project, Tepic, Mexico

The El Cajón Hydroelectric Project, located on the Santiago river, is the largest infrastructure project carried out in Mexico within the last 10 years.

Ibiur Dam, Baliarrain, Spain

Located in Baliarrain, it has a length of 232 meters and a height of 63 m above the water bed.

Sewage Treatment Plant, Katowice, Poland

The new treatment plant has replaced the obsolete facility of Gigablok, in operation since 1981.

Potable Water Treatment Plant, Huachipa, Peru

This project has made it possible to provide potable water to more than 2 million people.