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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Ibiur Dam, Baliarrain, Spain

Safety in concrete pouring at height


Located in Baliarrain, it has a length of 232 meters and a height of 63 m above the water bed. It holds 7.53 cubic hectometers and supplies drinking water to the area's nearly 60,000 inhabitants.

ULMA Solution

ULMA was in charge of building the top of the dam, the area for traffic circulation. For this upper part, three sets of climbing brackets were used. The pre-assembly of these sets was carried out in two weeks.

The brackets resolved the single-sided concrete pouring. They are supported on an anchor left in the previously cast step. This way, it was possible to complete layers of variable lengths as required by the project.

Further works were also carried out to build the deck above the overflow channel of the dam. This deck connects both ends of the top road. Some well performing products with high flexibility were used in order to provide excellent results: among other, G Heavy Duty Bracket and H-33 Truss. They were easily adapted to the project's requirements, with very simple erection and handling.