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Avia Solutions, Vilnius, Lithuania

Individually designed solutions and close cooperation
Individually designed solutions and close cooperation with the client during the construction of a modern office building in Vilnius.


The first impression is that the city is growing and modernizing. Guests arriving by plane are greeted by new glass facades on the way to the center of Vilnius. Recently, the city gate has become a large construction site. Among the many successful projects, the administrative building of Avia Solutions attracts attention.

Once inside - unique interior accents, spacious atria, internal balconies. The exterior of the building is also unique - the entrance is decorated with round, W-shaped, massive 14-meter high concrete columns, framed by hanging beams.

ULMA solution

It was this unusual construction that was implemented by ULMA Construction Baltic designers, who used a combination of CLR Circular Column Formwork, MK truss system and T-60 shoring towers for concreting the columns.

ULMA's contribution was not limited to the representative part. ULMA designed round and square columns to hold monolithic overlays. Column heights are very different - from 3.5 m to 9.00 m high. ORMA and PRIMO frame formwork systems were used for concreting square ones, and CLR system for round columns (D600 and D750).

To complete the construction, CC-4 Aluminium Modular Formwork was chosen for the high ceilings (typical thickness of 24 cm), which at one time we had as much as 3,300 m² in the building. For gap filling and beam concreting, ENKOFLEX Timber Beam Slab Formwork and T-60 shoring tower systems were combined. These systems were also used for the concreting of high ceilings, the height of which reached up to 13.44 m.

ORMA and PRIMO panel systems were used for walls and cores. The height of the assembled panels reached 3.30 m. Platforms and consoles were used to ensure comfortable and safe work at height in the outer parts of the cores.

Built by "Veikmės statyba" within sixteen months, nine floors and almost 11 thousand. sq. meter area building can confidently compete with global offices. The philosophy, functionality, and aesthetics of the building are another successful project in Vilnius. Our gratitude to “Veikmės statyba” for the trust, we are happy with the successful cooperation and proud of the successful results.