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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Frame shoring tower T-60

Frame shoring tower, safe and versatile

T-60 frame shoring towers are designed as a system for the support of horizontal structures, such as those often constructed created in the civil engineering market and in some building constructions. Is perfect for filled falsework applications in the construction of bridges and roads.

It consists of frames and diagonals, which are joined together to create load bearing towers

Main features:

  • Guarantees a working load of around 60-65 kN per foot
  • Module sizes of towers: 1 m; 1.5 m; 2 m
  • Adjustment range: screw jacks and 35 cm frames
  • A range of use of heights up to 12 m has been established under normal conditions although, depending on the project, there may be cases where this size could be exceeded
  • The T-60 shoring tower is ideal for supporting formwork loads consisting of primary and secondary beams, such as ENKOFORM HMK, VR Table , ENKOFLEX and BTM
  • Approved product (LGA)  

  • Quick erection (based on frames)
  • Reduced number of items. Easy erection
  • Robust and long-lasting (hot-dip galvanization coating)
  • Towers can be moved by crane
  • Assembly on ground and lifting to its working position
  • Erection of independent, chain-linked or reinforced towers possible
  • Ensured worker’s safety in assembly. Suits platforms and access ladders
  • Movement of sets with trolleys