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ULMA’s Comprehensive Solutions for the 2019 Pan American Games’ Sports Complexes

Sep 12, 2019
The Callao Regional Sports Village and Villa María del Triunfo Sports Complex are two of the principal centres for the 2019 Pan American Games and Parapan American Games in Lima. In order to build these structures, ULMA offered innovative scaffolding and formwork solutions, as well as continuous onsite assistance, thereby providing the highest possible levels of safety, quality, and cost efficiency, all within the established timeline.

The fourteen-metre tall columns that serve as the foundation for the Callao Sports Village Coliseum were built using ORMA Panel Formwork, while the walls were poured with the COMAIN Lightweight Panel Formwork system. BRIO Shoring was used to shore the slabs and grandstands, while BRIO Scaffolding was used to provide easily accessible and safe working areas. More than one thousand tonnes of scaffolding and formwork material were supplied in total. 

Due to the wide variety of structures composing the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Complex, construction was completed using the fast-track methodology in which planning and execution are carried out simultaneously. This meant a weekly reevaluation and adjustment of plans. Thanks to constant communication with the client and dedicated attention to the unique demands of each situation, ULMA’s engineering team was able to provide ideally tailored formwork and scaffolding solutions along with detailed onsite worker training for installation and use.

In total, ULMA provisioned more than two thousand tonnes of material. The COMAIN and NEVI lightweight panel systems were chosen to execute the walls, and were used in conjunction with the modular ORMA system for higher walls and large surface areas. The ENKOFORM VMK timber-beam system was employed for fair-faced concrete walls due to the impeccable finish it offers. The versatile ENKOFLEX Formwork system was chosen for the changing rooms and administrative offices, due to its adaptability to different geometries and ease of assembly, while still providing an excellent finished surface. Both EP and ALUPROP prop systems were used to support the horizontal ENKOFLEX structures. BRIO Shoring was chosen for the grandstands, while BRIO Scaffolding was used to provide access and create safe working areas for the installation and use of both rebar and formwork. 

In addition to participating in the construction of the Villa María del Triunfo Sports Complex  and Callao Sports Village, ULMA also provided comprehensive scaffolding and formwork solutions for the renovation of the San Marcos Stadium and Videna expansion, provisioning approximately 3,000 tonnes of scaffolding and formwork material, while dedicating more than 4,000 hours to engineering solutions in order to build the centres that will house one of the largest international sports events in the world.