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The experience with and evaluation of the team formed by ULMA and its customers, recounted first-hand

May 06, 2019
The experience acquired during ULMA's participation in each of the projects executed in different parts of the world over the past 50 years is the key to meeting the requirements of each customer, market and construction method through innovative scaffolding and formwork solutions.

Each construction project completed becomes part of the knowledge and grounding of ULMA's commercial, production, technical and logistics teams, which are univocally customer-oriented and cooperate with the different actors participating in them. As such, ULMA reserves a preeminent space on its website to give a voice and protagonism to those individuals who, from the beginning of each project, make up a unified team of qualified professionals from both ULMA and its customers to recount their experiences first-hand.

Great cooperation, smooth execution, excellent support, innovation from experience, quick response, very complex technical solutions, comprehensive technical and logistic advice, practical and efficient solutions, satisfaction, 100% collaboration, high availability and stock, proactivity, good customer support service, safety and confidence.  These are some of the reasons that motivate ULMA's customers and collaborators to continue to work together in successive building, tunnel, bridge, industrial and energy sector, hydro projects and wastewater treatment plants construction and restoration projects.

Staying close to the customer, committed and involved in the profitable and safe designing of ever-increasingly demanding and complex construction projects translates to reliable service offered by ULMA, recognised by both customers and collaborators. We want to thank all of them for sharing ULMA's ethos based on teamwork and for openly sharing their opinions. Their evaluations inspire and encourage the individuals who make up ULMA to continue striving in terms of innovation, creativity and quality to offer comprehensive solutions, from the design of the technical formwork and scaffolding solution to the supply of materials and on-site supervision.