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Estaiada Bridge, Line 4 of Metro,RJ, Brazil

Dec 04, 2015
As part of the infrastructural improvements planned for the 2016 Olympic Games, Line 4 of the Rio de Janeiro Metro will extend 16 km to connect the city from west to south. In addition to relieving traffic congestion, the metro will be capable of transporting 300,000 passengers daily and will reduce their transit time from 2 hours to just 15 minutes. Never before has a self-climbing system been used to build inclined pylons for a cable-stayed bridge in Latin America.

Among the many projects underway, ULMA has participated in one of the largest and most ambitious, the cable-stayed Estaiada Bridge, which stretches 320 m over the city at a height of 72 m.

The pylon is inclined at an average of 23o from the vertical and is composed of two hollow, symmetrical towers varied on all four faces and joined to each other at various heights. In order to build these pylons, it has proposed the ATR Self-Climbing System, which uses an hydraulic system that renders cranes unnecessary. 

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