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Offshore platform BALAM-TA2, Pueblo Viejo, Mexico

Presence on the site was the key to success in the construction of offshore platforms
Construction of offshore platforms on the coasts of the Gulf of Mexico. ULMA has offered scaffolding solutions in the form of work towers, walkways, suspended scaffolding and an access staircase.


The EK-BALAM oil field, located off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico, will be increasing its production capacity with a new offshore platform called BALAM-TA2. The structure is being constructed in two parts, in the ESEASA Offshore yard.

ULMA solution

BRIO modular scaffolding was used for both structures and during electromechanical work, in the form of work towers, walkways, suspended scaffolding and an access staircase.

The bottom part of the platform,  which will be placed on the seabed,  is 42 metres high and 13 metres long. Inside and on either side of the structure, 10 BRIO scaffolding towers were installed which are 14 metres high, along with walkways of various lengths: 6, 9 and 11 metres.

On the deck of the platform, which is 24 metres long x 22 metres wide, a double stringer access staircase was installed which is 14 m high, in addition to four work towers that  are 12 m high, with cantilevers and access to the suspended scaffolding at various heights.

In a demanding project like this, the supply of large quantities of equipment and the lead times were vital to the success of the project.

ULMA's staff were continuously present on this site, not only for the technical supervision of the scaffolding structures, but to provide theoretical and practical training on the BRIO multi-directional scaffolding, work at heights, industrial safety and leadership for middle managers. Additionally, the team from ESEASA Offshore's Scaffolding Area visited our logistics centre to receive training in engineering, software (Revit and AutoCad), logistics and operations.

We are currently continuing to work with ESEASA Offshore on the construction of the UIM-16, UIM-21 and UIM-22 offshore platforms, and on the processing units for the HDN2 plant at the new Dos Bocas Refinery.