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Tintenbar-Ewingsdale, Pacific Highway, Ballina, Australia

With the MK system we are capable of building formwork carriages that allow us to construct any type of structure with any geometry or load distribution, as was recently demonstrated in Australia.


A wide variety of tunnels have been built in Australia using the MK system, which easily adapts to any length and diameter necessary. The most recent tunnel forms a part of the Pacific Highway, with a total length of 800 m and portals 19 m wide.

The tunnel bypasses steep terrain and significantly reduces both environmental contamination and noise pollution in the area.

ULMA Solution

With MK carriages, ORMA modular formwork, and VMK beam formwork, ULMA was able to meet all of the construction needs for this sizable project, for which more than 200 t of material was provisioned. The ULMA team worked closely with the customer from start to finish.

The sidewalls and vault were built separately, thus reducing sidewall construction time and simplifying the MK carriage, resulting in considerable cost savings.

The modular MK tunnel carriage system proved to be both profitable and flexible. The carriage provided working platforms and access at all levels, as well as inspection windows, pouring nozzles, and vibrator supports. This combination of components allowed the customer to access and inspect the project throughout the entire building process.