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One Bryant Park, New York, USA

ATR system, productivity at great heights
The 300 m height and its 200,000 m² make up a glass tower, headquarters of the Bank of America.


The 300 m height and its 200,000 m2 make up a glass tower, headquarters of the Bank of America. This building displays defined vertical lines, that with the movement of the sun and the moon, modify the perception of the building.

Its shape is made in such a way that it provides a view facing south, in this way highlighting its relation with Bryant Park and offering views within and beyond the structure.

With its 55 floors, this office skyscraper is considered to be one of the most respectful towards the environment, since it was built mostly of recycled and recyclable materials. Innovative technologies were applied that required less energy, systems to reuse residual waters, a heat storage system, translucent insulating glass to potentiate natural light, a ventilation system that supplies air at floor level, and carbon monoxide sensors that are responsible for renewing the air inside.

ULMA Solution

In this construction project, the ATR Self-climbing System was used all the way from the structure's underground levels to the last floor. The ATR self-climbing enables its lifting without the need of a crane, thanks to the incorporated hydraulic system.

In a building of these characteristics and with a multitude of materials used, the tasks of the various workers needed to overlap. The use of the ATR system increased productivity, reducing work times since it made it possible to complete different tasks simultaneously. Unlike conventional systems, the ATR decreases the time spent on using cranes, as well as providing simple and fast methods for taking action.

Additionally, this system allows to assemble and prepare the lifting mechanisms and platforms before the formwork set up. It operates as a lifting tower, anchoring into the walls that have already been executed.

This self-climbing technique is based on a hydraulic system that enables the gang to be automatically lifted through the successive movement of the formwork and the masts. With this system, along with the MEGAFORM Modular Formwork, the execution of the walls of this building was resolved.