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Diablos Rojos Stadium, Mexico City

Efficiency of the Heavy Duty Shoring Towers MK
ULMA has taken part on the construction of the Alfredo Harp Helu Stadium located in Mexico City and that will place to the Mexican Diablos Rojos baseball team.


The Stadium, the new headquarters for the Mexican Baseball League (LMB), will be equipped with a lightweight steel ceiling in the shape of a devil´s pitchfork, and will seat up to 13,000 spectators.

One of the key conditions for this project was the ability to provision a large quantity of equipment – 810 tonnes – within the established timeline. The client chose ULMA systems for their load-bearing capacity and efficiency in size, making it possible to move freely throughout the jobsite without interference.

ULMA Solution

Twelve MK Shoring Towers were employed to support the eight ceiling structures weighing 550 tonnes each. Towers were configured with four or eight feet and a maximum height of 26 m, depending on the load to be borne.

The high load-bearing capacity and stability of the MK Towers meant that they were able to easily withstand the two 7.1 Mw magnitude earthquakes that caused considerable damage in Mexico City and surrounding provinces.

The tower were first assembled into modules on the ground, which were later lifted into place and fitted vertically by crane. Each tower is equipped with  an  utterly  safe  infrastructure for vertical transit, stairways, and working platforms with handrails that guarantee compliance with all applicable safety regulations.

In order to move the ceiling structure it was necessary to use extremely heavy equipment, including one of the largest cranes in the world. This made it necessary to reinforce the shoring of various completed sections of the building where the cranes were braced.

The construction project of this spectacular baseball stadium, which is architecturally modern and functional, has been a great technical and logistical challenge surpassed with success in the agreed execution deadlines.