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Fondazione Prada Museum, Milan, Italy

Innovative architectural designs require innovative constructional solutions, especially when the client requires strict finishing standards.


A modern architectural project was undertaken in Milan, designed by Rem Koolhaas. The complex of buildings integrates traditional and avant-garde architecture in a single space.  

Located in the old industrial area of early 20th century Milan, the project combines seven pre-existing buildings with three new structures respectively named Podium, Cinema, and Torre, arranged around a large inner courtyard.

ULMA Solution

Torre measures 66 m in height with unusual variety between storeys. Each of the nine floors is unique in both height and shape, with variations calculated to create large balconies.

A creative solution was found for the formwork and shoring of the building, adjusted perfectly to the project demands. In order to form the geometries and patterns designed by the architect, almost 2,000 m2 of ENKOFORM VMK were used for the walls and 1,200 m2 for the slabs, creating assemblies spanning 2 stories simultaneously. 

The idiosyncrasies of each floor required a combination of MK trusses and the multidirectional BRIO system, which in accordance with design specifications allowed for shoring without any type of wall perforation.

Using 8 MK trusses it was possible to make a cantilevered pour of the second storey from the street surface. This structure also served as shoring for the access walkway on the north side of the building. MK brackets supported the formwork and scaffolding around the entire perimeter, thus freeing the ground level for finishing work. 

The finishing requirements for the white concrete were extremely strict, given that an innovative mix of liquid concrete and marble powder was used for the first time ever. Due to the unique building requirements, continuous and dynamic assistance was provided throughout the entire 18 months of construction.