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BSCH Financial City, Madrid, Spain

High performance rates and guaranteed safety
This ambitious project, located in Boadilla del Monte, on the outskirts of Madrid, houses the Grupo Santander´s centralized services.


This ambitious project, located in Boadilla del Monte, on the outskirts of Madrid, houses the Grupo Santander's centralized services. The complex, with 424,000 m2 constructed, also provides spaces for leisure, restaurants, shopping areas, sports facilities, parking, transportation services, daycare centers and training centers.

ULMA Solution

This financial city, built in three phases, relied on the presence of all the product lines from the very beginning, as well as the technical consulting necessary to carry out the precise solutions in a construction project of these characteristics.

The dimensions and the need for a high quality finish required a formwork able to achieve the best results. The ORMA modular system, with all the advantages that its wide array of panels provides, accelerated the work pace and provided an optimal fair-faced concrete finish.

In those curved geometries that required an elaborate technical solution, the compatibility between ORMA and ENKOFORM V-100 was taken advantage of, since they use common standard accessories.Their versatility and polyvalence provided the appropriate solution in this case, as well as excellent fair-faced concrete finishes.

The work at height was safely executed with the combination of ORMA Modular Formwork over Conventional Climbing Systems. The movement of both products in a combined manner considerably reduced assembly times.

For the execution of the project slabs, in addition to RAPID and ENKOFLEX, CC-4 aluminum formwork was also used. Thanks to its easy handling head, it enabled a considerable rotation of material and product profitability. The ALUPROP Prop was responsible for the load distribution between slabs in a completely safe manner. Both products, with aluminum components, provided extremely high quality finishes, speed in the construction process, as well as worker safety during assembly.

Other products, such as the G Shoring System and the BRIO Shoring System, were used as falsework for the horizontal formwork.

The ease of assembly and disassembly of all the products, as well as the quality of their finishes, offered the most profitable solution for this type of project to the jobsite management.