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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Junction at the intersection of Bokeikhanov and North Circle Streets, Almaty, Kazakhstan

427.5 m long flyover


The 427.5 m long flyover, located on the boarder of Alatau and Zhetysu districts, within the Dorozhnik housing complex, will contribute to greatly streamlining traffic on the intersection with the capacity of 170 thou cars per day.

ULMA Solution

The flyover’s load-bearing structure consists in the cross-section of two trapezoid beams connected by a slab with cantilevers. The beams are 1.6 x 1.5m large, while the slab and cantilevers are 0.3 m to 0.4 m thick. ULMA supplied a complete set of beam formwork for the construction of the flyover, forming the load-bearing structure and stationary support in the T-60 shoring towers system.

The universal set allowed for executing the first 123 m long flyover section. After it was completed, both the shoring towers and formwork were relocated in their entirety to the consecutive stages, which guaranteed the quickening of work.

Formwork for the flyover’s driving deck was supported on T-60 shoring towers with the maximum height of 6.4 m.  The towers were laced with one another using 48 mm in diameter tubes and fixed connectors. Wind stays consisting of DW15 tie rods anchored to the ground via PRIMO PLUS base plates were used to ensure the stability of the entire system.

Sides and beam cantilevers were boarded in the beam system. Structural components supporting the formwork consist of frames built from steel beams connected with system connectors and supported with levelling uplifts.

Frames, connected with VM20 timber beams using mounting brackets, form typical 3.40 m long sections. Work platforms sheathed in 21 mm plywood were designed on both sides of the segments.

Junction at the intersection of Bokeikhanov and North Circle Streets, Almaty,