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Construction of the road junction at the intersection of Ryskulov and Kuldzhinskiy streets, Almaty, Kazakhstan

Over 550 tonnes on equipment weight
The road junction at the intersection of Ryskułów and Kuldżyński streets should increase traffic flow capacity by 18% and significantly relieve congestion in the city centre.


Almaty is the largest and one of the oldest cities in Kazakhstan with a population of more than 1.8 million people. Being a cultural and financial-economic center of the republic, the city is constantly increasing due to the access of new areas, thereby increasing the transport load on the main roads. The interchange at the intersection of Ryskulov Avenue with the Kuldzhinsky highway is intended to increase the traffic capacity by 18% and unload the road network in the central part of the city. It will also contribute to improving air quality in the city and reducing road accidents.

ULMA solution

In this project, a modern prestressed reinforcement system was implemented, the spans between the columns are 42 meters, the total length of the overpass is 360 meters. ULMA engineers prepared a draft formwork layout with the combination of two systems: MK and DSD, for the span structures of the overpass. The supporting part is made in the system of the shoring towers T-60, the maximum height of the superstructure is 9.5 meters.

The total amount of material at the same time involved in this project more than 550 tons.