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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Pre-assembled VR Table formwork

High efficiency for slab construction

Table formwork designed especially for large floor slabs with regular geometry. Composed of pre-assembled elements items that make up the table, it offers with outstanding pace of work, high safety levels and excellent concrete finishes.

Ultimately, it is a fast and safe secure formwork system that requires less labour and offers great performance, ideal for the construction of buildings: hotels, skyscrapers, shopping centres, hospitals, airports, etc.

Standard components of VR Table slab formwork:

  • VM-20 beams as primary and secondary beam. The MK metal beam can be used as primary beam for assembling larger tables as a drop beam solution, or to create made to measure perimeter tables
  • Phenolic Plywood as form face
  • Head. Has a safe and simple rotating head system. A single worker can fold and unfold the prop
  • EP, SP or ALUPROP prop as support for the horizontal structure 

  • Movable from one place to another without dismantling, minimising thus possible risks during assembly and dismantling
  • Quick formwork erection, stripping and material movement requires less labour: great efficiency
  • Without prop removal when stripping or transferring the tables
  • Easy installation to dimension and leveling of the VR Tables (few props)
  • Flexible system:
    • Tables with pre-defined dimensions or special solutions, depending on requirements
    • Table support with EP props, ALUPROPs or shoring systems possible
    • Easy infillings (plywood rests on beams projecting from tables)
    • Construction of drop beams, column heads and other geometries in slabs
    • Easy and safe solution of cantilevers, due to the specific prop arrangement
    • Compatible with other formwork systems of ULMA Construction
    • Possibility of using steel main beams (walers DU-120 and MK-120)
  • Safe system:
    • Formwork erection (with plywood) and handrails on the ground, except for infilling works at height
    • Handrails attached to perimeter tables during the entire building process
    • Elements remain fixed from beginning to end. Impossibility of falls from height