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Formwork and Shoring for Concrete Construction

Handset Panel Formwork MEGALITE

Light, durable, handled without crane

MEGALITE modular formwork is a modular wall and column formwork in imperial sizes. Is perfect for any vertical concrete structure in building construction (walls, columns, pilasters, wall intersections, foundations…). It allows manual erection or crane handling.

  • Permissible concrete pressure:
    • Walls up to 8’: Hydrostatic pressure (does not require speed control during concrete pouring)
    • Walls higher than 8’: Uniform pressure of 1250 psf
  • 2 rows of tie rods in height up to 8’
  • Height range of panels: 8’, 6’ and 4’
  • Columns with universal panel
    • Column solution with panels of 6’’x 6’’ to 30’’x 30’’, adjustment interval every 2’’
    • Wider columns are possible by joining panels longitudinally
    • Concrete pressure: 1250 psf

  • Light panels for easy handling
  • Lifting hook for the assembly of gangs and formwork lifting
  • Long-lasting resistant steel frames with reinforced corners
  • Quick and easy connection with MEGALITE Clamp
  • Versatile. All kind of solutions combining in perpendicular connection wall panels with lateral holes and universal panel with multi-punched ribs