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Concrete Formwork Systems

ULMA Construction has developed a comprehensive portfolio of formwork system - for the rental and sales- that can meet any construction project requirements.
Our complete product portfolio comprises wall, column and slab formwork, shoring systems, self-climbing formwork, timber beams, highly flexible tunnel, and bridge formwork systems and a wide range of safety systems

Wall and Column Formwork

Concrete wall forms, column forms, single-sided formwork and circular formwork used in the construction of concrete walls, columns, single-sided walls, foundations, footings, abutments etc.
A wide range of vertical formwork systems for the execution of any concrete construction project.

Climbing Formwork

Versatile self-climbing, rail guided and crane-lifted formwork systems suitable for the construction of high-rise buildings, cores, bridge piers, pylons, and dam construction.
Compatible with ULMA Construction wall formwork systems.

Bridge Formwork Systems

The ultimate formwork and shoring technology for cost-effective bridge and viaduct construction.
ULMA Construction covers all bridge type needs. Versatile formwork systems optimized for every bridge structure.

Tunnel Formwork Systems

Formwork technology for tunnel construction.
At ULMA Construction we specialize in cut-and-cover and mine tunnel methods. Rentable formwork carriages. High level of safety guaranteed.


ULMA’s commitment to safety is reflected in the design of formwork and climbing systems that promote worker safety in construction projects.

Formwork Plywood

High-quality plywood to combine with ULMA Construction formwork and shoring systems. Suitable for many uses, it offers excellent strength on construction sites and exceptional concrete finishes.