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ULMA Formworks for special geometry piers

Oct 05, 2016
The versatility of the formwork structures provided a solution both profitable for our client and efficient for the construction of the octagonal piers required in Mexico – Toluca Intercity Train project.

The project was designed with 6 stations: Observatorio, Santa Fé, Lerma, Metepec/Airport, Bus Terminal, and Zinacantepec.

The first section required 686 piers of one kind and 299 of another, all octagonal and with heights varying between 5 m and 17 m. Semi-moulds measuring 2.44 m and 0.61 m were created in the required shape, reaching a height of 6.10 m. This proved an economical solution, thanks to the versatility of the specialised formwork employed.

For the hollow piers, the CR-250 climbing bracket system was used along with KSP platforms and ENKOFORM V-100. The piers, measuring up to 74 m in height, were completed in 3.6 m pours. 

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