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ULMA demonstrates its experience and engineering expertise on the BR-280 SC Highway, in Brazil

Nov 10, 2020
The BR-280 is a federal highway in the state of Santa Catarina, which stretches from the city of São Francisco do Sul to Dionísio Cerqueira, near the Argentine border, with a total length of approximately 634.1 km.

The highway, locally known as Governor Luiz Henrique de Silveira, is vitally important to the region, and especially for the Port of São Francisco do Sul (SC), for which it will greatly facilitate the transport and sales of agricultural and industrial products.

The project is divided into three sections, and includes two tunnels 13.8 m and 9.3 m wide respectively, and a length of approximately 1 km each.

The tunnels were built using the MK Formwork Carriage, which joins formwork and shoring into a single system and advances on rails to the subsequent work area. BRIO Modular Scaffolding was used to create access points for the shuttering and pouring phases. The lightweight COMAIN Handset Panel system was used to create the single-sided formwork necessary for the tunnel walls. Pours of up to 4.2 m were completed in a single phase.

ULMA has demonstrated yet again its engineering expertise and experience in complex infrastructural projects.