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Special solutions for an office complex in Warsaw, Poland

Apr 26, 2022
In Warsaw, the Forest office and service complex, a 120-metre high skyscraper, is under construction. The new building will be a green oasis, with green areas the size of two football pitches.

The Forest office complex is going to provide the city of Warsaw with a rental space of 78,000 m², including areas for cafés and service facilities. It consists of a 120-metre tower and other adjacent buildings, with 6 and 8 floors.

The well-being of the users has been factored into this new space, with terraces around the whole perimeter, small vegetable gardens, special shelters for birds and insects, and outdoor gyms.

Working closely with the project managers, we developed special solutions, formwork systems that were adapted for the stairwell, with two simultaneous evacuation routes, and storage platforms in the perimeter area of the building with a 6.8 m cantilever.

ULMA Solution

  • Walls, cores and columns: 3.5 m - ORMA, ATR, KSP
  • Typical slab: 1,385 m² - CC-4, ENKOFLEX
  • Shoring: 12,9 m - T-60
  • Safety: 39 safety screens - HWS

Don't miss the project video, click here to watch it.