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The renewal of FSC and PEFC certifications consolidates our commitment to environmental sustainability

Mar 21, 2024
This year we renewed the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) Chain of Custody Certifications, which offer guarantees on the origin of the wood marketed by ULMA and certify compliance with the requirements of traceability of forest products to sustainable sources.

The renewal of the FSC and PEFC chain of custody certifications guarantee that the wood used in ULMA's three-ply wood-based panels, VM-20 wooden beams and phenolic resin laminated plywood panels meet the necessary standards to ensure the sustainability of the forests they come from, certifying not only environmental impact criteria, but also social and economic aspects, such as compliance with labour rights. The certifications cover all ULMA Construcción work centres located in Spain.

In this way, we maintain and consolidate our firm commitment to environmental sustainability, giving value to the importance of caring for our forests which contribute significantly to climate change mitigation and are an essential source of wealth for purifying the air, providing clean water, generating a large amount of food and hosting 80% of the world's biodiversity. Forests are a source of health and well-being, and are intrinsically linked to our cultures, rituals and ways of understanding existence, and are also the livelihood of many communities.

Therefore, deforestation, or the loss of forest mass, has a major environmental, social and economical impact on the sustainability of the planet. As such, a commitment to corporate sustainability that does not include the protection of these ecosystems is incomprehensible. We make this commitment out of the conviction that protecting and respecting forests means protecting and respecting life wherever we operate. This implies leaving a sustainable legacy that will benefit mankind and the planet long after we are gone: it is an investment for those who come after us.

This is precisely one of the objectives of the International Day of Forests which ULMA collaborates with and which is celebrated today, on the 21st of March, since the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed it in 2012. This year, under the slogan "Forests and innovation: new solutions for a better world" the intention is to focus on the decisive role of innovation and technology in facilitating a forest control and monitoring system that allows each country to track the state of its forests more accurately and effectively in order to establish the necessary measures against deforestation.