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ONADEK, the new era in forming decks

Jul 19, 2022
In 2017, the first project with ONADEK was completed in Germany and now, over 15 construction projects are underway in the country. The building construction market is entering a new era for slab formwork systems with ONADEK.

Max Hannawiya, with a long career under his belt, has first-hand knowledge of ONADEK, how it works and how well it is being received, specifically in the German market. As Product & Sales Manager at ULMA Germany, he oversees the entire process, from the tender to on-site installation. “In this sense, I believe that my work is ideal for showcasing the product in all areas. The first thing I do is to go to the site, I show them how it is assembled and, after that initial training, I always receive the same feedback: it's a very simple, quick and flexible product”.

Why was ONADEK created?

The market was demanding a single formwork that was both modular and flexible. A system that could be adapted to suit any geometry and meet the needs of any type of application and infilling, drop beams, columns, load-bearing walls, etc. Additionally, with cost-effectiveness always in mind, it would have to be intuitive, easy to assemble and durable. That is how ONADEK came about. A perfect product as it combines and brings together a large number of benefits in a single system.

It is the start of a new era for formwork.

It is a system that has never existed before. On the one hand, you have high-strength galvanised steel, thus saving on resources in the long term: the wood from conventional systems and the aluminium from modular systems. In addition to this, it has a high degree of reusability, making it a truly sustainable system. And on the other hand, it has an early stripping option, so it can be stripped and reused on the third day, leaving the dropheads and their props as the system's only load-bearing elements.

Why does this safety system increase productivity?

Assembly and dismantling process is safe, as it is carried out from below, on the slab that has already been executed. With other systems, they have to be done from the upper part, with the risk and time that this entails. You avoid having to move around continuously, so productivity is higher because you are always working in a single area. And as it has a drophead, none of the elements fall on the ground, so you are working in an open, clear space.

What are the benefits for the user?

It is ergonomic, the heaviest item weighs 17.7 kg and the longest item measures 2.5 m, so a single person can handle it, bearing in mind that over 20 kg is not acceptable. Meanwhile, with other systems, you need at least 2 peo-ple to move the parts, either because of their weight or their size.

How is the system's productivity calculated?

In this case, we use the Performance Value Calculation, i.e. we calculate the number of workers and the time that they need to assemble a specific area. For example, to form 1,000 m² of ONADEK, you need 60 hours, whereas with a traditional system, you need 120 hours, twice as long.

From your experience, why do you think it has been so well received in the market?

Because it optimises the price and construction time of the works. Right from the start, the team on the construction site recognises the bene-fits very quickly and, when they see it on-site and they have to assemble it, they are impressed by it. Additionally, with ONADEK you get the most out of the load-bearing capacity of the props, 80-100% compared to other systems, which are usually between 40% and 50%.

Discover in this video the easy and quick assembly process of ONADEK with the highest safety standards.