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High Speed Rail Network, Spain

Nov 28, 2017
In the face of both precipitous terrain and strict requirements for railway construction, we relied on the flexibility and versatility of ULMA formwork systems to meet the challenges presented.

With a total of more than 2,515 km of railway lines, Spain has become the leader in Europe and second worldwide only to China in the size of its high-speed rail network. The challenge remains to complete the routes underway, as well as the planned connections to France in both Catalonia and Basque Country, the communities located respectively at the easternmost and westernmost ends of the national border.

The routes set for high-speed trains are extremely rigid, given the restrictions set by maximum slopes and curve radii. Many viaducts and tunnels were therefore necessary to traverse the mountainous terrain of the various territories through which the railway passes.

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Northern Corridor                                                     

Southwest Corridor                                                  

Mediterranean Corridor 

Northwest Corridor 

Basque “Y”, Bergara Viaduct

Basque “Y”, Tolosa Tunnel

Basque “Y”, Tolosa Viaduct

HSRL Madrid – Extremadura 

HSRL Alicante – Murcia, Monforte de Cid Viaduct

HSRL Alicante – Murcia, Vinalopó Viaduct

HSRL Alicante – Murcia, Vinalopó Viaduct

HSRL Zamora – Orense, Campo Becerros Overpass