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Convex mixed-use building rises next to the Brooklyn Bridge

Jan 27, 2022
Unique shoring solutions are required to meet the distinctive curvature design of the structure.

Olympia Dumbo continues to grow in Brooklyn. The 26 stories, 270-foot-tall development, designed by Hill West Architects and developed by Fortis Property Group, is expected to have 74 apartments. Around 177,900 sq ft will span residential units, including penthouses and full-floor units. Moreover, the building will have shared facilities and amenities, including a gym, sauna, pool, and a parking garage. The impressive, curved structure is located in Dumbo, Brooklyn, one of New York City's trendiest neighborhoods. Dumbo is known for its artistic and cultural offerings, high-end restaurants, and splendid views of the Manhattan skyline.

ULMA is providing formworkshoring, and climbing solutions. The floor layout is currently being done with our Aluminium Modular Formwork CC-4, light and safe slab formwork with an excellent concrete finish. Some floors required special attention, i.e., the sixth floor, which has a big terrace plus a pool that was part of the shoring details. For these special requirements, ULMA offered MEGAFRAME as the shoring solution because of its high-shoring heights.

The distinctive curvature of the building requires a unique solution. From the cellar to the sixth floor, the slab is curved with a big diameter. For this purpose, ULMA's Timber Beam Slab Formwork ENKOFLEX was chosen to go along with the curved diameter. ENKOFLEX great advantage is its incredible versatility and adjustability to irregular geometries, perfect for this project.

ALUPROP is currently used with ENKOFLEX and CC-4 slab formwork systems with bracing frames to erect shoring towers. ALUPROP allows an easy and quick length adjustment. It's lightweight for easy maneuver and has a high load-bearing capacity. 

The Rail Climbing Formwork RKS system is part of the structure's climbing solutions. The RKS will be used for the elevator core of the building. It is planned to begin on the sixth floor, all the way up to the last floor.

Find out more about the project in this video.