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BRIO Truss, the new solution of lattice for large spans and loads

Jun 11, 2024
In accordance with our maxim of designing safe and efficient solutions based on simplicity and versatility, we present the BRIO Truss, which consists of a lattice system compatible with the BRIO multidirectional scaffolding and valid for multiple applications.

The BRIO truss is a scaffolding truss system used for large spans and/or to support heavy loads. Thus, it offers the ideal solution for the configuration of porticoed passages in façade scaffolding, walkways with large loads or spans, large working areas at a height and road protections or covering gantries for traffic lanes, where the minimum possible supports on the ground are required, allowing the usual safe road traffic below, during the execution of the work.

The system consists of only four complementary elements that are integrated with the BRIO Ringlock Scaffolding. In fact, its design allows the creation of an infinite number of scaffolding structures, such as hanging scaffolding, support scaffolding, cantilever scaffolding, among others. In addition, the system enables manual assembly on site without the need for a crane or auxiliary equipment, optimising construction costs.

In short, as with the other ULMA’s scaffolding, shoring and formwork systems, the design of the BRIO Truss is based on compatibility, in this case with the BRIO scaffolding, and on the use of standard elements, which translates into high building rates as a result of its versatility, and simple and quick assembly, contributing to a significant improvement in efficiency and safety on site.