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Jakarta-Cikampek II Toll Road, Karawang, Indonesia

38-kilometer road
Construction of the new elevated toll road connecting Jakarta and Cikampek, an industrial district in Karawang, West Java.


The 38-kilometer Jakarta-Cikampek II Toll Road, which will pass over some sections of the existing toll road, is part of a government masterplan to ease traffic congestion in and around the capital, while also improving the country's infrastructure to boost economic growth.

The Jakarta-Cikampek II Toll Road is deemed a solution to alleviate congestion on the busy road, where delivery trucks traveling to or from manufacturing plants in Cikampek often get stuck in traffic for hours on the existing 73-kilometer toll road.

The Jakarta-Cikampek elevated toll road is a solution to the frequent high traffic volumes on the existing road, especially the busiest section between Cikunir and West Karawang.

ULMA solution

ULMA supplied ENKOFORM VMK for pier and pier cap construction. Since the versatility of the system is great, it was the ideal solution for construction of pier cap which has sloped and curved shape. For cast 2 and above, Configurable Climbing Bracket BMK was introduced as working platform and formwork plumbing which makes the construction process ease and simple.

ULMA was also responsible to supply MK systems for slab deck construction of the bridge. The main challenge of this project is high volume of vehicles passing on a daily basis which demands special technical solutions to leave the live traffics undisturbed during construction.

Formwork is hanged and anchored on the steel box girder of the bridge. It is composed of MK waler, VM 20 beam and other accessories. Special anchor bases were designed and fixed on the steel box girder. HC Bracket simply mounted and positioned on those special anchor bases by mean of tie rod DW15.