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Comuneros II Bridge, Junín, Peru

ULMA present in strategic projects in Peru
The bridge located in the region of Junín, Peru, is a project that generates great expectations in the population, as it will decongest vehicle traffic in an area characterised by the few roads that cross the Mantaro River.


This is a 724-metre cable-stayed bridge that will link the districts of Huamancaca Chico and Huancayo, and will benefit more than 328,000 people in the Mantaro Valley.

ULMA has provided formwork and shoring solutions for the construction of this infrastructure, which consists of abutments, piers and pylons. The superstructure of the bridge consists of a mixed concrete and steel deck, 11 spans and a 140 m long and 18.50 m wide cable-stayed area.

ULMA solution

COMAIN Handset Panel Formwork and EP props were used for the pier foundations, concreted over an area of more than 100 m². The first level walls of the piers were built with LGW lightweight modular formwork, to cover two sides at a height of 5.5 m and concreted in a single stage. The columns of the piers at the upper levels were built with the LGW system and BMK Configurable Climbing Brackets on both sides of the wall. The 51-metre-high pylons were built using the same systems. 

The BRIO shoring system was used as beam support for the piles, reaching a height of 8.5 m. The bottom and sides of the beam were made with LGW formwork. 

The MK Heavy Duty Truss System together with four heavy-duty brackets was used to support the pylon girders. 

For the construction of the deck, the MK Heavy Duty Shoring Towers were required. A total of six MK towers, 15 m high, were used for each 62 m span. 

ULMA Construction Peru actively participates in the most emblematic and large-scale projects in the country, thanks to its large stock and technical and logistical response capacity, which seeks safety, productivity and profitability in each project.