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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Tauron Arena, the largest sports arena in Poland

Mar 28, 2018
This was a comprehensive project requiring many distinct solutions, the most spectacular of which was the shoring for the upper ring, set at a height of 40 m with a circumference of 400 m.

After many years of planning, the largest sports arena in Krakow, Poland was finally built in Krakow. It offers a total space of almost 97,000 m2 with the main sporting area measuring 4,300 m2.

The façade reaches 27 m in height, and the structure continues upward to the roof, which stands 41 m above the playing field. The roof support structure, with a 130 m span, is built on an enormous ring set on 40 reinforced-concrete pillars.

T-60 shoring was used to support the ring at a height of 40 m while the secondary ceilings under the ring, being shorter, could be shored with ALUPROP towers and props.

The circular pillars standing 22.65 m tall were built with metal CLR formwork. ORMA push-pull props were used to brace the pillars – which together with the load-bearing walls under the ring serve as ring supports – until construction was completed. 

The complex was designed with walls of diverse geometry. The straight and inclined walls were built with ORMA vertical formwork. The curved walls were built with BIRAMAX formwork. 

The slabs were poured on ENKOFLEX formwork shored with EP and ALUPROP props or T-60 shoring towers. To mitigate the risks associated with increased loads, the stands were reinforced underneath with EP props. Construction walkways and large spans were built using metal rails and walers from the MK System.

BRIO multidirectional scaffolding was employed at the worksite to build the mobile towers that were used for rebar installation. BRIO was also used to build a working platform stretching 70 m in length with a surface area of 670 m2, which was used to install the heating and ventilation systems for the stands inside the sports hall.