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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Wall formwork carriage MK

Transferable, effective

MK carriage designed for forming and stripping works of very long single or double-sided concrete walls. Ideal solution for the construction of long walls in underground stations, floodgates, galleries, water canals etc.

The only vertical loads acting on the structure are generated by the self-weight of the structure and the formwork.

  • Main structure: it is the structure bearing the concrete loads, both vertical and horizontal
  • Forward-moving structure: it is the secondary structure which effects the movement and bears the forces during such
  • Formwork: It is the part in touch with the concrete shaping it
  • Bracing: these are the components that withstand wind effects and transverse movements
  • Rolling and levelling system: set of components that enable the rolling of the truss and its levelling at a specific place, as well as its stripping
  • Safety and access components: working platforms, handrails etc.

  • It eases and simplifies formwork erection and stripping works and the moving of the formwork