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Formwork and Scaffolding for construction sites

Parapet formwork carriage MK

Effective and light

The MK parapet formwork carriage is a lightweight and flexible formwork systemused for the construction of safety protection parapets on bridges or for solutions with less significant load requirements.

General components: 

  • Main structure that receives the concrete pouring loads
  • Bracing to counteract the effects of wind and transverse movements
  • Formwork that is in contact with the concreteENKOFORM HMK
  • Rolling and levelling system: elements that allow the movement and levelling of the formwork set assembly
  • Safety and access components: working platforms, safety handrails, etc., depending on the requirements of each project

  • Lightweight solution. Large formwork units assembled without the need for a crane
  • Quick work cycles. Easy use and repeatability
  • Manual advance possible. Requires a permanent solid support foundation for the guide rail
  • Same components in different applications
  • Movement by auxiliary pulling or pushing systems