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ULMA is pleased to introduce our Complete Climbing Solutions, a high-rise product line that focuses on safety and productivity

Jul 16, 2020
ULMA's COMPLETE CLIMBING SOLUTIONS is an integral package that provides forming, climbing, and safety in a single product line. We offer an integrated solution that adapts to any height and geometry, is cost-effective, and increases on-site productivity.

The newest addition to ULMA Construction's portfolio is Complete Climbing Solutions. This ultimate combination features:

  • HWS Perimeter Safety Screens- The optimized version of the safety screens provides excellent protection for workers against harsh weather and prevents them and objects from falling from the edge of the slab.  The screens also protect pedestrians from falling debris. The panels cover the floor under construction and three stories below.  The range of panels includes telescopic perforated steel panels, standard HWS panels, and corner panels. The screens adapt to irregular slab geometries and are hydraulically operated- without crane assistance.
  • ATR-SC Heavy-Duty Self-Climbing System- Carefully designed for the construction of high-rise building cores- it minimizes the handling of formwork on-site. The system supports 90 Kips per cylinder and can be lifted continuously by a single stroke cylinder, without the support of any rail. It features high load capacity, fast installation, safe access to ladders, and working platforms. As part of the solution provided, ATR-SC adapts to different construction methods.
  • RKS Rail Climbing System- Always searching for the greatest efficiency on job sites, the RKS enables the climbing of the formwork panels without separating the structure from the wall. It also enhances safe lifting operations in any weather. The RKS is lifted using a standard hydraulic unit with the option to be raised by crane.  Ideal for forming of cores, shear walls, and perimeter walls. This structure is adaptable to different solutions; it provides safe climbing at height and provides customizable configurations.
  • ATR Self-Climbing System- A formwork support structure that is ideal for the construction of walls and vertical structures. This system help boosts productivity on the job site. Along with hydraulic climbing, ATR is not dependent on crane assistance; working platforms and boom concrete placement booms can be simultaneously lifted. It also complies with our central pillar, safety, by providing safe lifting and handling at height.

ULMA's Complete Climbing Solutions adapts to almost any height and geometry. As a one-stop-shop, ULMA Construction manufactures and offers a package with complete comprehensive solutions -HWS, RKS, ATR & ATR-SC. The portfolio of climbing products provides a wide range of solutions to customers, including tailored solutions depending on each project's needs, faster construction, logistics services & pre-assembly of materials, while providing safe lifting and handling of products. As a single point of reference, ULMA is always available to deliver all the products and services you need with the capacity to undertake any project. ULMA Construction, your trusted formwork, shoring, and climbing partner.

Rising Together!

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