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A-8 Cantabrian Highway. Ballota-Cadavedo Stretch, Spain

Self-launching beams, the solution for complicated terrain
The transformation of Ballota-Cadavedo into a double highway has resulted in the move of the A-8 highway towards the western side of the country.


The transformation of Ballota-Cadavedo into a double highway has resulted in the move of the A-8 highway towards the western side of the country. From the 5.9 kilometers that make up this stretch, ULMA undertook the execution of the overpasses, the piers and the Ribón and Cadavedo viaducts.

The Cadavedo viaduct is made up of an 11.80 m wide and 432.5 m long continuous deck, which is distributed into nine spans. The deck pre-stressed and rests on eight 4.5 m wide solid piers.

ULMA Solution

Comprehensive solution for building bridges over complex terrain, with large spans and very tall piers was used for both viaducts. This system, characterized by the overall safety and its high performance in terms of time and costs, showed its profitability and efficiency in comparison with other traditional execution processes.

Other ULMA Construcción products were used along with the self-launching beam: ORMA and ENKOFORM V-100 vertical formwork, ENKOFORM HMK Formwork, multidirectional scaffolding and BRIO stair, falsework and climbing systems. All of them proved their efficiency on site.