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75 Park Lane, Jersey City, NJ

ULMA's systems, key to bring success to the customer
Located along the Hudson River waterfront overlooking Manhattan’s skyline, 75 Park Lane is designed to be the pinnacle of residential quality and development in Jersey City.


The 452 million 38 story tower is 430 feet tall with 359 luxury condos and 7,500 square feet of retail space. The tower sports both indoor and outdoor amenities such as a wine tasting lobby and Olympic lap pool.  A smaller building located at 2 Shore Drive North is joined to 75 Park Lane. 2 Shore Drive North is 7 stories, houses 48 condos, 16,646 square feet of retail space along with 65 parking places.

ULMA Solution

To support the typical slabs the customer, Structure Tech NY, chose ULMA’s CC4-panelized drop head slab formwork. The system’s lightweight and safety features were the keys to bring success to the customer.

Utilizing the CC-4 panelized drop head slab formwork 7’-6” x 5’-0” grids Structure Tech NY increased worker productivity, reduced the assembly and dismantling process and minimized on-site material requirements.

To support slabs with irregularly shaped geometries ULMA’s H20 Beam Slab Formwork ENKOFLEX system was used. Those irregularly shaped areas included pool areas and dropdown beams.

The quick assembly of the CC-4 panelized drop head system and the versatility of H20 Beam Slab Formwork ENKOFLEX system allowed the customer to keep their desired concrete cycle of 3 days. ALUPROP lightweight aluminum posts were used as shore and re-shore for typical floor heights of 9’-11”.

ULMA supplied 80,000 square feet of shoring material. 70,000 square feet being the CC-4 panelized drop head system and the remaining 10,000 square feet being the H20 Beam Slab Formwork ENKOFLEX.

Also, 8,000 square feet of Handset Panel Formwork MEGALITE was used. MEGALITE’s lightweight designed and imperial measurement were key features that enable the erection of all the walls and columns including the foundation walls with ease.