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ULMA Showroom - 1,700 sq metres of product and experience

Jul 18, 2014
The Showroom is ULMA's shop window for products, capabilities and a place for training and learning.

The ULMA pavilion, built for the BAUMA trade fair in Munich, has become an exhibition space where the content as well as the "container" carries ULMA's signature. The main attraction or peculiarity of the showroom is that one of the main exhibits is the pavilion itself, built with one of ULMA's flagship products - the modular and standard MK system

The 57 x 30 m premise with a total height of 13 m divided into two floors has become the neuralgic center of ULMA Construction. In the showroom, ULMA likes to show its customers, visitors and agents not only the range of top products, but also its customer proximity and the commitment of each and one staff member to all projects.

The ULMA Experience is at its purest in the Showroom.