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ULMA & ATTIEH alliance: interview with Nouri A. Daher

Jul 17, 2014
Nouri A. Daher, General Director of ULMA ATTIEH is now working for 6 years side by side with ULMA. The fruits of this partnership are large projects such as the Briman Project, Damman Project, etc.

ATTIEH Steel Ltd., now having more than 55 years of experience, started off its business in Jeddah/Saudi Arabia as one of the first distributors of the country. It is currently known as one of the leading companies in the Middle Eastern and North-African steel sector.

But it also diversified and expanded its business into new areas such as infrastructures, electro-mechanics, medical equipment, etc.

How would you define ULMA & ATTIEH partnership?

Strong and with great potential since we both are very well-known companies in our sectors.

Why did ATTIEH choose ULMA as a business partner?

It's been an option. After having visited several trade fairs, exhibitions and building sites and keeping in mind the prestige of the Spanish construction companies, ULMA is one of the big companies in the sector above all with regard to its product range.

What is the competitive advantage of ULMA & ATTIEH partnership?

Synergies are obtained from combining the best of both companies: ATTIEH's knowledge of the Saudi market and its positioning there, together with ULMA's wide variety of products, technical solutions and R+D exploit them to the maximum, and therein lies our advantage.

What would you highlight or emphasize about ULMA and its products?

ULMA is an already known brand, and this is a value that only experience grants. Besides, the Saudi market is open to multinationals where the Spanish construction firms have great potential.

In fact, ULMA is recognised by other European competitors. The MK System is one of its flagship products; with it ULMA is capable of satisfying the demands of the market.

Which or what kind of added value does this partnership provide?

ULMA is one of the new and big players that have entered the Saudi market. The added value of this alliance consists in the new opportunities that open up to a company with reputation like ULMA in one of the most important markets in the next 10-15 years.

How do you see the future with ULMA?

In one word - brilliantly! The future turns out to be a search for new ways of cooperation from which both companies benefit and can foster their positioning in the market.