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ULMA provides perimeter protection in the construction of the Harborside Tower in New Jersey

Oct 12, 2017
A series of buildings are being constructed along the banks of the Hudson River with spectacular views of Manhattan. The Harborside Tower was designed with 69 stories, 763 residences, and a total height of 702 feet. It is now the tallest residential building in New Jersey.

The project combines contemporary design, a great number of amenities, magnificent views, and a convenient location with easy access to public transportation.

The tower perimeter was protected with HWS Screens, a safety system composed of straight lightweight panels. Movement on the worksite was thus streamlined and both people and equipment were protected from falls.

The panels were covered with wooden VM-20 Beams and reinforced netting. This gave the protection system an aesthetic finish with minimal weight, and minimal stress on the anchors tied into the building.

Although the geometry of the building is irregular, with floors staggered every 8 to 10 levels, the protection provided by HWS was completely seamless, preventing the fall of even the smallest of debris or other objects. To achieve the tight seal necessary for this project, strips of rubber were used around panel perimeters and between the panels and slabs. In order to take topographical references from points outside the building, such as the surrounding towers, small windows were left open in the enclosure.