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Safety, Ergonomics and Innovation: The perfect equation that translates into high-performance solutions on site

Apr 22, 2016
ULMA accompanies each client from the start of every project until its final construction, studying the options for each site, designing the technical solution for formwork and shoring and providing the most suitable construction material, together with the safety systems that help to prevent possible incidents during the construction on site.

Innovation, safety and ergonomics are present in all formwork and shoring systems developed by Ulma for construction and translate into solutions that promote great site performance.

Perimeter protection

The construction of high-rise buildings requires safety systems such as the HWS perimeter safety screen based on the MK system that offers great flexibility and adaptation to all types of geometries and configurations. This system has the objective of protecting the entire perimeter of the building under construction by avoiding items falling to the exterior by positioning protective screens both on the floor where the formwork is being implemented and on the two floors immediately below. As the site progresses in height, the screens go up in level, using a crane or a hydraulic system. This safety system also offers excellent protection against harsh weather and protects workers from the effects of vertigo provoked by looking down from a height. 

Innovative  formwork systems that offer a high level of safety

In keeping with the criteria of profitability and safety, the innovation of ULMA products is reflected, for example, in the development of CC-4 slab formwork system, whose aluminum features provide lightness to the formwork. This system is characterized by rapid assembly and dismantling thanks to the drophead design that allows the formwork to descend to 6 inches, facilitating the recovery of material without it falling to the ground, ensuring workers' safety and preventing materials being damaged. As part of the verified collective protection, this system includes the under slab safety net that eliminates the risk of falling to the floor below during the process of positioning the panels and boards.

Another formwork system developed by ULMA in keeping with their solid commitment to safety is the RKS Rail Climbing Formwork System, which permits panels to be climbed without separating the structure from the wall, meaning that lifting work is carried out safely in any weather conditions. Using this innovative formwork system, the panels of the HWS perimeter protection system can be climbed in total safety.  

Each system developed by ULMA is accompanied by documentation such as user guides and technical assembly instructions that encourage correct, responsible and safe use by workers. These instructions are also complemented by regular training sessions run by the ULMA technical team on the use of formwork systems and shoring, both in the assembly process and their use on site.